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全球工程设计管理培训生 (EMAP) 北京

  • Internship
  • First (Bezirk Pfäffikon)
  • Project / Product management

Job description






EMAP (Engineering Management Acceleration Program ) is a global leadership development program for siemens energy, which aims to cultivate future technology management talents.

For entry-level candidates with rapid growth potential in Siemens energy, EMAP prepares you to become a  future technology leader of siemens energy by providing unique work experience, training and mentorship.  Trainees will receive a full range of theoretical training and will have the opportunity to work in rotation overseas.

Are you ready for the challenge? Start your career today and be part of us!

In this role you will be taking on challenging roles like

·  The participant will use fundamental engineering concepts, practices, and procedures to complete assigned projects while learning about the business.
·  使用基本的工程概念、实践和程序来完成分配的项目,同时学习业务
·  Typical roles include Application Engineering, Project Engineering, Product Design, Field Service as well as Digitalization, Supply Chain, Process Improvement, Project Management, and Manufacturing Operations.
·  典型角色包括应用工程、项目工程、产品设计、现场服务以及数字化、供应链、流程改进、项目管理和制造运营
·  Assignments will be in the Siemens Energy’s Industry applications division, at locations across China. International locations may be assigned base on individual preference, ability, and business need.
·  在中国各地的西门子能源工业应用集团业务部门任职。可根据个人喜好、能力和业务需要,将有机会在海外轮岗工作  

Here’s what it takes to join some of the world’s brightest minds:

·  You own a Masters degree in a relevant field of Mechanical, Aerospace, Thermo&Power, Chemical,and etc.
·  你拥有机械、航空航天、热电、化工等相关领域的硕士学位
·  You have at least 6 months international experience (studying/working/living)
·  你至少有6个月的国际经验(学习/工作/生活)
·  You have excellent command of your local language as well as English
·  你不仅精通英语,而且精通当地语言
·  You have the aspiration to develop a leadership role and you are open to cross country assignments
·  你有发展领导角色的愿望,你愿意接受跨国任务
·  You have strong willingness and ability to travel and relocate through locations
·  你有很强的意愿和能力去旅行和重新安置
·  Internship in international company or sales marketing position is preferred.
·  国际公司实习或销售营销职位优先。
·  Projects management skills including project, processing planning.
·  项目管理技能包括项目,加工计划
·  Customer relationship management including customer related knowledge: incl. market, competition, strategy, business processes and decision-makers.
·  客户关系管理包括客户相关知识:包括市场、竞争、战略、业务流程和决策者
·  Knowledge of law of contracts
·  合同法知识


Organization: Siemens Energy

Company: Siemens Energy Co., Ltd.

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time