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Purchasing Clerk 采购文员

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Sales

Job description

Job Description

·  Attend to user department’s needs.
·  了解需求部门的要求。
·  Process the Purchase Request and ultimately the Purchase Order.
·  制定采购申请单和定单。
·  Prepare the required reports assigned by the Purchasing Supervisor and Purchasing Manager.
·  准备采购经理和主管所需报告。
·  Perform the assignment by purchasing manager.
·  服从采购部经理的工作安排,完成指派的工作。
·  Negotiate with selected suppliers and obtain competitive quotations.
·  与多家可选的供应商进行商谈并获得有竞争力的报价单。
·  Assist to inspect supplier have appropriate authority / certificate to trade goods when acting on behalf as agents.
·  协助调查作为代理授权的供应商有合适的权利与允许交易的许可证。
·  Assist in purchasing manager to inspect purchasing goods directly from wholesales/ retailer where are possible instead through agents.
·  协助调查从零售商直接采购来的货物是通过总代理授权的。
·  Compare the quotation of purchasing decisions and report to purchasing manager.
·  对所计划购买物品的价格进行比较及向采购部经理汇报。
·  Ensure most economical purchase of goods and services for the hotel ensure that purchasing is committed on most competitive terms.
·  确保采购物品的价格及服务是最有竞争力的。
·  Contact with suppliers for ensure the delivering date of goods to hotel according to regulation of contract.
·  确定已订购货物的送货时间并和供应商联系保证货物按要求送批酒店。
·  Keep close contact with the suppliers for obtaining updated and relevant market information and report to purchasing manager.
·  随时关注市场价格变化,及时更新信息并向采购部经理汇报。
·  Ensure the non-bribery agreement be signed with all suppliers. Ensure All suppliers and purchasing associates must abide by the terms of this agreement.
·  与所有供应商签订廉正协议并确保所有采购部员工与供应商遵守执行。
·  In case find any bribery behaviour happened, purchasing staff must inform the Purchasing manager and take a warning to supplier’s behavior.
·  如发现有任何供应商有贿赂采购部员工行为应立即对其提出警告并上报采购部经理。
·  Responsible to pick up goods from the Airport or Goods circulation center on time to avoid storage costs and goods spoilage.
·  为避免存储的费用和货物的损坏,负责及时从机场、物流中心等地点取回酒店货物。
·  Prevent the supplier go into the guest and kitchen area.
·  防止供应商进入客人及厨房工作区域。
·  Liase with Receiving Department to inspect the incoming goods. Verify receiving record of goods received and ensure the quality of goods received.
·  和收货部门一起监督物品的进库程序,确保所收物品已开出收货记录及达到质量标准。
·  Develop and enforce purchasing standards, policies and procedures.
·  可以对采购政策和程序的改进、实施进行建议。
·  Provide positive relations/ interact with highly diverse associates, department heads, local vendors, and corporate approved vendors.
·  与部门员工,部门经理,本地供应商、厂家保持积极的联系。
·  Ensure that a process exists for an immediate response to all purchasing department problems.
·  对其他使用部门的采购疑问能提供专业的服务。
·  Identify and resolve daily purchasing problems in a timely fashion.
·  对日常的采购问题进行及时有效的解决。
·  Attend in market surveys Once a month basis and report on price fluctuations. 
·  参加每月一次市场询价并汇报物品价格的变动。
·  Provide and advise on sample testing of food, beverage, and other general items.
·  提供食品、饮料和其他物品的样本。
·  Ensure that Purchasing Manuals are kept up-to-date and only approved items are
·  purchased. Purchase Order Logs should be maintained.
·  确保采购单货物的价格是最新的定价及只能购买被批准的货物,采购记录本必须及时更新。
·  Ensure to maintain efficient purchasing services to all user departments that meet their requirements.
·  确保达到对各部门所申请采购物品的要求并提供高效的服务。
·  Recommend best purchases and more economical and alternative new products to the user.
·  推荐最好的采购渠道,对申请人建议更经济及可供替代的物品。
·  Promote positive inter-departmental communications and co-operator.
·  促进部门内部及与其他部门的合作。
·  Responsible for distribute the Market list to suppliers.
·  每天负责分发每日采购单给供应商。

Work Experience

—Language:Fluent in Chinese and daily communication with English



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