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Lobby Ambassador大堂使者

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Hotels - Restaurants

Job description

Job Description

·  Keeping appearance in good condition and pay attention to oneself behaviour and keep smile toward guests.
·  遵守仪容仪表要求,保持微笑。
·  Greets and is courteous to all guests, uses eye contact and well communicate with others, always provide a courteous and professional service all times.
·  对待所有客人和同事要彬彬有礼、热情,眼神接触及语言交流并时刻提供礼貌和专业的服务。
·  To maintain good working Relationships with your colleagues, and all other departments.
·  与部门内部和其他部门员工保持良好的工作关系。
·  Monitor guest service personnel constantly, ensuring that at all times maximum guest satisfaction is being achieved through guest recognition and prompt cordial attention.
·  不断观察对客服务,尽力获得客人的认可和热忱的关注,确保客人得到最大程度的满意。
·  Establish good public relations with all guests.
·  同所有的客人建立良好的公共关系。
·  Do utmost to learn names of guests, especially repeat and long staying guests remaining alert to situations to offer assistance.
·  尽量用客人的名字称呼客人,特别是回头客及长期住店客人,随时为他们提供帮助。
·  Maintain detailed knowledge of key occurrences in your city/location including directions to key points of interests, restaurants, theatres, shopping, cinemas, sporting and recreational facilities, banks, consulates, transport systems and special events.
·  详细了解酒店附近的各个地方,如:餐厅、剧院、购物中心、电影院、娱乐场所、银行、领事馆、车站及其他特殊场所。
·  Maintain good knowledge of the hotel facilities.
·  熟悉酒店设施。
·  Provide guest with all information about our hotel facilities and attractions.
·  向客人介绍酒店的设施和特色。
·  Provide guests with the most accurate and up to date information at all times.
·  向客人提供最新,最准确的信息。
·  To provide guest best service as well as handle the daily reservations and check-in and check-out of guests.
·  向客人提供优质服务,同时操作好每日的预订以及向入住和退房的客人提供服务。
·  To enrol Le-club member, to introduce the member benefits and check the points for the members.
·  引入乐雅会新会员,为客人介绍会员制度及为会员查询积分。
·  Greets and escorts all guests at all times in a friendly and helpful manner and attempts to learn and use guest’s name at every opportunity at the main entrance.
·  在正门随时以友好的态度问候及引领客人,为客人提供帮助,尽量称呼客人的姓名。
·  Takes wake up calls from guests, flies in properly the call list and then sends it to the Service Centre for process.
·  根据客人要求,受理唤醒电话,正确归档话单,然后将其交于服务中心处理。
·  Handles mails, messages, parcels.
·  处理信件、留言信息及包裹事宜。
·  Remember the guest’s habits and stay information for VIPs and returning guests.
·  掌握重要客人和回头客的喜好及入住退房信息。
·  Make advanced call to arrival guest and make courtesy call to in house guest according to the GSM’s request.
·  每天根据宾客服务经理的安排致电欲抵客人问候抵达行程及致电住店客人询问入住情况。
·  Attends to guest’s inquiries and requests.
·  倾听客人的咨询和要求,并提供相关服务。
·  Collect guest’s habits and key in the information of every guest into computer system.
·  收集客人喜好,在电脑中录入客人的信息。
·  Keep lobby areas cleaning from time to time
·  时刻保持大堂区域的整洁。
·  Observe and pay attention on anyone or anything suspicious in the property, and report to supervisor and manager immediately.
·  注意可疑人员进出店情况,并跟进上报。
·  Maintain a very good reputation for the Hotel by professional behaviour.
·  注重个人言行,为酒店保持良好的声望。

Work Experience

·  Effective communication skills in both Chinese & English.
·  有效的中英文沟通能力。
·  Be good at Opera.
·  熟练操作Opera系统。


According to hotel policy.