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Google Enduser Application Developer M/W

  • Aubervilliers ( Seine-Saint-Denis )
  • IT development

Job description


In the context of Veolia “Resourcing the World” mission, the IS&T plan aims to position Group IS&T as the Digital Business Partner, and provide maximum value to Veolia.

In order to reach this goal, the strategy is based on creating the appropriate Digital Atmosphere which support Employees, Customers, Operations and Digital Offers.

Addressing these 4 pillars of the Digital Roadmap, the Group IS&T has elaborated an ambitious program called EVEREST.

EVEREST includes 3 projects :

SATAWAD (Secure AnyTime, AnyWhere, Any Device): to implement the digital culture among our employees, bringing them a fully secured and collaborative environment.

MOVE 2 CLOUD (M2C): to benefit from the agility, reliability, security and cost in our infrastructures and IT assets.

DATA 4 BUSINESS (D4B): to design and manage the proper data governance to enable the analytics and extract the value from our data.

With this strategy and this organization, Group IS&T is positioned as a Digital Business Partner within the Veolia organization. We want to enhance the Employee Digital Workplace, streamline Business Processes for Customer and Operations and make Veolia Businesses smarter with new Digital offers.

Mission & Duties

The ‘Application Transformation' team aims to develop or migrate end user applications, by using Google technologies. It also contributes in making end users autonomous in the maintenance of their applications.

Within this team, the developer will act as a technical referent on these technologies.

Technical Referent:

Animates the User Application development activities (including the Scrum Master role);

Animates the "Google Apps Script / App Maker" community (announcements, user guides, code sharing, templates ...);

Defines, makes evolve and shares best practices in Google Apps Script, App Maker and App Engine development within IS & T; writes and maintains documentation (technical, code...) related;

Produces the reporting of the development activity;

Liaises with Google: tickets follow-up, roadmap, participating in workshops with Google, raises Veolia use cases, etc.


Develops or migrates User Applications, based on the specifications provided, respecting the best practices in development and security implemented at IS & T (authorizations, backups, versioning, comments ...);

Assists the Business Analyst in finding technical solutions;

Participates in the code review of applications developed by other team developers;

Implements unit tests & continuous integration, optimizes the developed applications, ensures the debug in relation with the end user;

Ensure the transfer of information to the end user;

Rely on the development and migration tools of IS & T

Being a proponent of continuous improvement

Participate in Agile reporting and rituals

Ideal candidate profile

Qualifications :

Educational background: master degree in Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science or Engineering

Experience: minimum from 2 to 5 years as a Google Developer


-Google Apps Script, Google App Maker

-Office tools for Communication & Collaboration GSuite

-Google Cloud Platform (Serverless) : App Engine, Storage, Datastore, Cloud Functions, PubSub

-Frontend : HTML, CSS et Javascript

-Source code management : Git, Github, GitLab, Bitbucket

-Data visualisation : Data Studio, PowerBI

-REST architecture style, Web API, Internet standards

-Web Oriented Architecture: principles and constraints

Skills & Qualifications

-User Experience oriented (Material design, …)

-Agile method



-Curiosity for all the company's operational processes (business, marketing, sales, accounting, production, etc.) and an ability to translate these business concepts into a data architecture


English (Expert), French (Expert)

Behaviour Skills

-Innovation / Creativity: Faculty to propose innovative solutions to meet a need

-Adaptability / Flexibility: Ability to change, evolve, show flexibility according to a situation or others

-Team spirit / Cooperation: Ability to collaborate constructively

-Belief / Assertiveness: Ability to argue to persuade

-Rigour: Ability to act with precision and accuracy

-Culture of conversation, measures, continuous learning process