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Lighting Artist - Unnanounced AAA project

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Job description

Ubisoft Barcelona,  part of Ubisoft’s international network of production studios, has developed for over 20 years a strong expertise in the production of videogames from a large variety of genres and platforms. The Studio is continuously looking to grow its team with highly professional, passionate and talented people.

During these years, the studio worked on the following franchises:  “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon®” , “ Assassin’s Creed® ” , “ Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege”  or “ Star Trek™: Bridge Crew”  on VR…

The team is currently working on the  “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege”  Live Game, Beyond Good & Evil 2,    Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Ubisoft Barcelona is looking for a Lighting Artist to join the team involved on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and continue their mission to deliver exciting and challenging features and content on an unannounced AAA title.

You will be working alongside the art team to create believable high-quality lighting set ups and work closely under the guidance of the Lead Artist and Expert Artist to achieve a consistent level of quality. The ideal candidate must be able to proof his/her skills through  a portfolio showcasing the final work as well as a breakdown of the workflow used.


·        Create lighting systems, colour grading and other post process effect setups that will support the atmosphere and gameplay effects;

·        Verify the quality of the lighting once the elements are imported into the game and make any necessary improvements;

·        In addition to light sources, set out the selected moods and atmospheres;

·        Makes choices and communicates them accordingly to reach the expected quality for optimized lighting setups;

·        Anticipates and suggests improvements to solve technical issues;

·        Communicate with other teams (Level Artists, Level and Combat designers) in order to ensure that their needs are properly taken into account

·        Optimize the lighting effects to produce the best possible lighting, in keeping with the technical limitations of the engine and project;

·        Participate in planning lighting production with the immediate supervisor;

·        Fix bugs related to lighting;

·        Demonstrable experience in AAA videogames or similar real time projects.

·        Solid artistic knowledge of lighting techniques, real-time and pre-rendering

·        Strong knowledge of Physically Based Rendering and Linear Workflows;

·        Extensive knowledge of lighting, colour and image composition;

·        In-depth knowledge of colour grading and other post process effects;

·        Strong attention to detail;

·        Ability to understand technical constraints to apply them to the assets/setups created;

·        Ability to manage their own time and work within deadlines;

·        Ability and desire to work in creative and collaborative teams;

·        Originality and proactivity when setting out solutions;

·        Ability to receive feedback, implement any requested changes and clearly communicate ideas;

·        Knowledge of data management software (such as Perforce);

·        Knowledge of workload management software/principles (e.g. Jira);

·        Passion for games and strong game culture;

·        Good English and communication skills.

Few words about Ubisoft Barcelona studio: 
The studio is located in one of the most popular urban area of Europe: Barcelona! I bet that you know Barcelona for sure! Either for its amazing architecture, monuments and parks, famous nightlife with bars, restaurants and clubs, super weather and beaches,  popular sport culture or for its great life quality. 
Here in Barcelona, as well as in the studio, you will meet people from around the world, eat hundreds of different food, play different sports, talk about art and history, share amazing life experience with creative, open-mind and dynamic people. Exciting no? 
As employee as much as citizen, we encourage you to inspire the world and build the future! We promote a friendly, creative and passionate culture for our talented team to produce the best AAA games in the videogames industry. We also encourage all our employees to invest time in playing any type of games, and if it’s together, even better!
In Barcelona studio, everyone feels like at home!
Are you ready to join the Ubi family for your new challenge? We are already excited to have you! 

List of benefits: 
-    Monthly Restaurant tickets
-    Preferential price for medical insurance
-    Sports / activities deal
-    Access to transport tax deductions
-    Free access to all Ubisoft games (PC)
-    Discount for Ubisoft console games
-    Fresh fruits / drinks
-    Friday Morning Breakfast
-    Friday afternoon free
-    Goodies
-    Flexible working hours
-    Team building events
-    Assistance for opening Bank account
-    Assistance for house contract/ documentation review
-    Assistance for local registration (NIE, SSN, Tax)