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Expires soon Societe Generale


  • V.I.E.
  • Wuppertal, GERMANY
  • IT development

Job description

du01 décembre 2019au01 décembre 2020(pour12mois)
REMUNERATION MENSUELLE :1942€ (indemnité non contractuelle fixée par décret et arrêté, dont le montant peut varier notamment en
fonction de l’évolution du barème de référence, de la localisation de la mission et des cas d’abattements prévus par les textes)


Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) is the European leader and 2nd worldwide for financing professional equipments in high-tech, medical, industrial and transportation sectors, present in 41 countries.

In Germany, GEFA BANK services the real economy by providing leasing and loan solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Challenges of today are not to prepare the future but to apply the future right now. GEFA is currently running a Transformation Plan in order to set digitalization, automated processes and new working models at the next level.

GEFA is closed to the heart of Europe, in the vicinity of Düsseldorf and Cologne (1 hour flight to Paris or connected by Thalys). Moreover, green surroundings make Wuppertal an affordable and attractive place to live and work. Indeed, you will find double benefit of being at the centre of a very dynamic network of cultural and festive urban capitals, and of being in the middle of forest valleys.

Let’s join us for our great projects!


Digital transformation and ability to change rapidly according to customer’s needs is one of the biggest confrontations of IT these days.

In this context GEFA COO Department designed a Transformation Program with the aim of added value for GEFA IT, based on cost-cutting, new allocation of tasks and redeployment to tackle those challenges.

GEFA needs YOU to be active part of this program with fresh and creative ideas to make any projects and initiatives a success.

Your role:

Be a key player: Into the Transformation Program, steer small projects, tasks & teams
Be empowered: Design solutions to make the Transformation Program of GEFA a success
Be structured: Support deliverables / milestones in project plans are achieved within budget, time and quality
Be proactive: Identify project risks and mitigation action to deliver on time
Be transparent: Report and discuss with Management Level about the progress of your projects

The VIE assignment in a nutshell:

This VIE in Wuppertal is to begin as of December, 1st, 2018. You need to plan 3 months between your application date and the beginning of your VIE assignment. It will last 12 months.

The VIE is a specific contract, under Business France’s eligibility criteria, open to candidates under 28 and from the member states of the European Economic Area.

Please see Civiweb www.civiweb.com in order to have more details regarding compensation.

Your profile:

Be graduated: Successfully completed Master’s degree from a Business School, Engineering School, or University
Be prepared: Motivation in project management, first experience is a plus
Be farsighted: Project management skills - Ability to see the global picture, identify dependencies and risk, communication talent, ability to structure necessary changes
Be organized: Ability to work in teams and in a pro-active, independent and thorough way, to handle multiple tasks and functional topic simultaneously
Be aware: Interest for continuous improvement and method related to apply those concepts
Be multilingual: Fluent English (written, spoken), enthusiasm to improve German aptitudes are required

To facilitate the examination of your application by our English-speaking managers, we thank you for applying in English.