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Product Data Analyst

  • Nashville (Davidson)
  • IT development

Job description

The principal purpose of this job is to develop product data for North America Power products, enabling our digital platforms including BIM and the LayoutFAST suite of tools, web, and eCommerce. The data will be consumed by customers including specifiers, contractors, OEMs, panelbuilders, end users, and distributors in different phases from awareness to design to quote and to Order Processing. Product data ultimately will produce customer quote bills of material, price, cost, category numbers, delivery codes, and drawings.

To develop a Product Data Model, one must have product knowledge in low voltage power products, expert understanding of manufacturing processes and systems, expert knowledge of quote, order, change order, price determination and PDP (Product Development Process). The ideal candidate combines application/order engineering, product management and regional marketing skills.

Key Job Responsibilities

1. Manage product data projects for a product line(s) across the USA, Canada, & Mexico. Each project may utilize 3-5 resources (engineering, marketing, offer management). This role must track progress, preparing weekly status reports, distribute and resolve issues/conflicts that arise from corrective action reports.

2. Develop product feature-based question and answer sets (e.g. Ampacity, Voltage, Enclosure Type, etc.) utilizing the BIM platform DATAmanager.

3. Specify and perform data entry of rule logic that validates the answers provided by the customer by preventing mutually exclusive answer conditions as well as making sure required options have been selected under specific conditions.

4. Develop and maintain configuration logic

5. Specify the layout validation logic for products that allow custom arranged component placement (similar to a Device Placement specification). This is applicable on a product by product basis.

6. Specify and perform data entry of product pricing and pricing rule logic. Same applies to delivery codes, cost, category and feature description tables (may require English and/or French and/or Spanish currency and language).

7. Specify and perform data entry in a modified version of FAST to BIM documents and the application logic that delivers automated drawings to the quotation and order processing environments.

8. Develop test environments for product selector projects, participate in testing process where appropriate. Testing may encompass all aspects of product data.

9. Support evolving data needs for Web and ecommerce.

Ideal candidate profile

Qualifications :


·  Minimum years of experience needed for position: 4
·  Product knowledge in low voltage power products
·  Understanding of manufacturing processes and systems
·  The ideal candidate combines application/order engineering, product management and regional marketing skills.