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Senior Software Engineer - Video & Image Encoding

  • Internship
  • Los Gatos, USA

Job description

As the world’s leading internet entertainment service, video and images are crucial to us. Our video streams account for one third of peak download traffic in North America, and are watched by more than 180+ million subscribers worldwide. The images and video clips in our UI help our members find the shows and movies they love.

We are responsible for encoding our video streams at the best quality possible, no matter what the content, viewing device or network condition. As we scale, we are transforming our encoding pipeline to meet the needs of other areas of our business -- studio, social, marketing and personalization -- by re-architecting it to a microservices-based architecture with heavily decoupled components and CI/CD-based deployment. In order to enrich the team’s understanding in this area, we are searching for a Senior Software Engineer who will help drive our system’s evolution, and will serve as the de-facto expert on all things micro-services for media processing.

We are looking for a self-driven Senior Software Engineer who thrives in a fast-paced environment. You have excellent software development skills and constantly strive to improve yourself and the team. You are eager to apply your expertise in solving cutting-edge video and image processing challenges, impacting what millions of people see everyday.

As a Senior Software Engineer for Encoding Services, you will:

·  Architect and develop software for video and image encoding services; designing for quality, robustness and scale
·  Design APIs and partner with other teams to build integrations 
·  Work closely with video algorithm experts to implement and optimize code for video analysis, processing and encoding

Minimum Qualifications:

·  3+ years experience in software development, with excellent debugging and problem solving skills.
·  BS in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or equivalent
·  Expert in Java or C++ and object-oriented programming 
·  Experience in building large-scale distributed services
·  Knowledge of image and video processing, or willingness and aptitude to learn

Bonus points:

·  Experience with databases
·  Involvement in open-source multimedia projects (such as ffmpeg, x264, webm)
·  Experience with video codecs such as H.264/AVC, HEVC and VP9

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