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Job description

du01 mai 2020au01 mai 2021(pour12mois)
REMUNERATION MENSUELLE :2844€ (indemnité non contractuelle fixée par décret et arrêté, dont le montant peut varier notamment en
fonction de l’évolution du barème de référence, de la localisation de la mission et des cas d’abattements prévus par les textes)


During your VIE mission you will be in charge of these responsibilities:

As Data Analyst, within the IGAD Asia Hub located in Hong Kong, your main responsibilities will be to

Contribute to Audit missions as the data expert

- As the data expert, fully integrated to an audit team, your main objectives will be to:
- Obtain a good understanding of the business and operational processes and the problem statement from auditors as well as from business and operational staff.
- Refine this problem statement with a data angle to define the key questions to be answered, and identify the relevant data sources and experts to help you.
- Liaise with our Data Extraction team or collect the data directly from the IT team for the data collection in compliance with information security and data protection policies.
- Manage the iterative data analysis process from data preparation, through the analysis itself and up to the documentation of the analysis and presentation of your conclusions.
- Support the audit team to help them do simple analysis and handle more advanced techniques and tools on data visualization, statistics, machine learning, etc.

Educate and Support Auditors throughout Asia

As the data champion for the entire IGAD Asia team your role will be to:
- Animate the data analytics community in Asia, and in particular,
- Train auditors on basic data analysis tools and techniques,
- Support auditors on simple requests and questions,
- Host knowledge sharing sessions to communicate on data analytics use cases.

Contribute to the Data Analytics community and to the effort on R&D

As a member of the Global IGAD data analytics communiyt:

- Regularly synchronize with other Data Analysts & Scientists from the Paris Data Lab and from other locations to share and develop knowledge on tools and methodologies
- Coordinate with IGAD IT Team to develop IGAD’s data science platform as well as the offer in the data analytics tools provided to auditors
- Contribute to the technology watch on Data Science topics and to transversal projects

The VIE assignment in a nutshell

This VIE in Hong Kong is to begin as soon as possible but you need to plan 3 months between your application date and the beginning of your VIE assignment. It will last 12 months.

The VIE is a specific contract, under Business France’s eligibility criteria, opened to candidates under 28 and from the member states of the European Economic Space. For further information, please see www.civiweb.com.

You are graduated with a Master degree from Engineering or Business School or University with a specialization in Data Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Business Analytics, Market Finance or a related discipline

Ideally you have past experience in Market Finance or Real world experience in dealing with large data sets.

You are fluent in English

You are proficient in Microsoft Office application (Excel, powerpoint)

Job Skills

Analytical skills : Sharp analytical mindset, comfortable in manipulating data
Communication & Story Telling : Good communication and presentation skills
Quantitative finance : Assessing market risks and model risks management
Reliability and being quality-oriented :
Paying attention to details and producing quality work
Taking accountability for his/her actions
Positive attitude and able to work with all level of staff
Appetite to learn new things and develop audit skills

Generating creative and practical ideas at work (e.g. Think outside of the box)

IT Skills
Python, R or similar language : Performing data analytics works in a systematic way.
Database & SQL : Performing data analytics works in a systematic way.


The Inspection General and Internal Audit Division (IGAD) is Societe Generale Group’s 3rd Line of Defense. It is placed under the authority of the Head of Inspection and Audit, who reports directly to the Group's Chief Executive Officer. Audit (1,100 staff) is organized in geographical and functional zones, while General Inspection (130 staff) on top of audit work covers major risks for the Group, transversal topics and strategic issues.

The main role of IGAD is to review operational entities in an objective, thorough and risk-based manner to assess the compliance of the Group’s operations, the level of actual risk, the enforcement of procedures and the effectiveness and relevance of the corresponding permanent control set up. IGAD issues recommendations in order to better manage risks and to increase the efficiency of the Group’s activities.

INS/DAT is a global and transversal organization within IGAD that plays a key role in reinforcing Societe Generale’s third line of defense through the use of Data Analytics techniques and tools.

IGAD Asia (45 staff) is the Audit Team which covers all SG Group Business entities across the Asia Pacific region.

To fulfill its function IGAD has access to a large array of data sources which come in all kind of form and size and extracting insights from all this data is a challenge that requires special skills. This is why IGAD has been investing in the past few years into dedicated technology and people to tackle this challenge.
All our positions are open to people with disabilities


To facilitate the examination of your application by our English-speaking managers, we thank you for applying in English.