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EU Central Flow (BCN) - Office Coordinator

  • Barcelona, SPAIN

Job description


Work hard. Have fun. Make history. Our overall mission is simple: We want Amazon to be the place where our customers can find, discover and buy anything online. Whatever our customers want, we will find the means to deliver it. With your help, Amazon will continue to enable people to discover new worlds and implement innovation. This is your chance to make history.

Amazon is looking to hire EU Central Flow (BCN) - Office Coordinator (m/f) to join the team in our Fulfillment Center in Barcelona.

Essential Responsibilities:
· Provides CF Procurement management and coordination
· Provides CF Travel Management and coordination
· Provides Events & CF training coordination
· Manages CF BCN Reception
· Provides Assistance to CF Ops Management
· Understand basics of FC Systems
· Understanding of the boundary of responsibilities between Operations on the floor and Central flow as dictated by Standard Work developed by Central Flow Management.
· Ability to effectively identify and communicate detailed technical issues. Escalate to management, facilities.
· Ability to teach and advise new PCSs during the onboarding process.

Detailed responsibilities:

Coordinates CF Procurement management:
· Coordinates all purchase orders for EU Central Flow equipment
· Controls EU CF procurement budget
· Enters & follows up PO orders in Coupa
· Supervises and matches Invoices vs orders
· Coordinates with procurement & with vendors
· Requesting and receiving offers for requested services
· Transmitting and ensuring approved PO is received
· Talk to vendor to ensure delivery dates are confirmed
· Instructing vendor on receiving instructions
· Providing dock booking instructions
· Tracking of order to ensure delivery
· coordinating to move GOODS from dock to CF Office
· Coordinates receiving with main reception and FC dock area
· Coordinates with finance
· Coordinates with CF offices services providers (cleaning, security, waste, …)
· Coordinates replenishment for CF kitchenette area , establishing replenishment levels to secure continuous operation 24h x 7d and creating replenishment order in COUPA to be transmitted to EUREST vendor.
· Manages control and replenishment CF office equipment supplies (printer toner, paper, pens…) establishing safety stocks, entering COUPA orders, coordinating with vendors and coordinating to get supplies moved upstairs to 2nd floor CF area when received.

Coordinates CF Travel Management:
· Coordinates all travel requests for CF members
· Coordinates getting approval to travel requests
· Coordinates with CWT travel reqs for ensuring optimal cost and time itineraries
· Coordinates with Airlines, rental cars and Hotels when directly managed for cost optimization
· Supervises & controls travel budget
· Communicates travel details to travelers
· Coordinates travel changes

Events & CF training coordination:
· Coordinates all activities related to group events and European events handled 1001 Leader Training center
· Coordinates with RME set up of meeting rooms
· Coordinates with cleaning provider the services needed
· Coordinates with Catering companies the services needed for the events
· Manages multimedia and technical equipment at CF leader training room
· Coordinates procurement needed for the event (pens, notebooks, copies,…)
· Coordinate T&E needs for events participants
· Negotiates rates, gathers offers and Coupa PO with event related vendors

Coordinates CF BCN Reception :
· Controls entrance at CF BCN offices : turnstiles & intercom to external access
· Manages CF 2nd floor shared Reception desk
· Submits RightCrowd accesses to CF area for vendors and visitors
· Coordinates with main security and reception when needed
· Manages Post-mail for CF personnel
· Manages deliveries for procurement orders at Central Flow area
· Coordinates with RME in case of maintenance needed in CF area.
· Coordinates with RME to ensure ongoing cleaning of all CF area:
· Coordinates with Safety on emergency and evacuation procedures. Provides support to OM in tasks such as training all CF members on the procedures, creating and distributing emergency plans, and coordination on quick and efficient disaster recovery methods
· Manages control of presence for CF members and supports in case of emergency evacuation

Assistant to CF Ops Mgmnt:
· Coordinates communication from/to CF team when needed
· Provides general assistance to Ops Mgmtn and Area Mgmnt at CF
· Helps in preparation of presentations, whitepapers and reports to Ops Mgr and Area Mgrs when needed.

Ideal candidate profile


· Fluent in English + Spanish
· Has strong communications skills – able to express key messages and interact with different customers within the FC individually and with groups via remote methods such as telephone, e-mail and instant message platforms
· Demonstrated problem solving skills and analytical skills, can analyze numerical data points, work with data to assess situations and take appropriate action.
· Ability to handle multiple projects, deadlines, and stressful situations without much management oversight.
· Knowledge of Microsoft Office tools (Outlook, Excel, Word).
· Detail oriented: accuracy is essential.