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Thai Waiter/Waitress 泰餐厅服务员

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Hotels - Restaurants

Job description

Job Description

·  Takes orders, promotes outlet’s specials and serves in accordance to the established standard
·  负责下订单,推销部门特色菜,按照既定的标准服务客人。
·  Presents guests checks and follows all billing procedures
·  为客人介绍检查和遵循所有计费程序。
·  Participates in daily briefings and monthly communication meetings to discuss various aspects of food service and preparation
·  参加每日早会和每月讨论食品服务和准备的各个方面的交流会议。
·  Carry out pre-service duties,  mis-en-place
·  做好服务前的岗前职责,准备工作。
·  Ensure grooming and general appearance of staff conforms to Hotel standards
·  确保员工的仪容仪表符合酒店标准。
·  Ensure adequate supplies of materials, and requisition for general supplies
·  确保材料供应充足,并申请所需采购的物品。
·  Ensure all fixtures and operating equipment is in good working condition
·  确保所有的设备和操作设备处于良好的工作状态。
·  Carries out assigned duties
·  完成分配的任务。

Work Experience

Language:Fluent in Chinese and daily communication with English



According to hotel policy