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Thai Captain 泰餐厅领班

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Hotels - Restaurants

Job description

Job Description

·  To assist the Supervisor, the Assistant Manager and Outlet Manager with the restaurant daily operation and yearly Marketing Plan
·  协助主管,餐厅副经理和部门经理维持餐厅日常运作,制定年度营销计划。
·  To ensure that an effective marketing approach is applied to his/her Restaurant in the operation
·  确保在他/她的餐馆操作中运用一个有效的营销方法。
·  To continuously seek ways to assist management in the Restaurant to maximize revenues and profit
·  想法设法,协助管理餐厅收入和利润最大化
·  Follow guidelines in Corporate F&B standard manual for each Restaurant
·  遵循每个餐厅餐饮标准手册。
·  Through detailed, hands on and direct supervision, ensures that the guidelines are followed
·  通过详细、交接和直接监督,确保遵循的指导方针。
·  Responds effectively to internal audit reports, investigation following guest comments
·  有效地回应内部审计报告,跟进客人的评论的调查。
·  Reports any problems to the Outlet Manager
·  向部门经理汇报所有问题。
·  Complete all duties and ensure a hand over for day off is given
·  完成所有任务,确保休息日之前做好交接。


Work Experience

—Minimum of 2 years' experience in the restaurant service position in an international luxury hotels.


—Language:Fluent in Chinese and daily communication with English



According to hotel policy