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Security Guard 保安员

  • Sanya, CHINA
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Job description

Job Description

·  Ensure that all potential and real Hazards are reported immediately and rectified
·  确保所有潜在的和实际的危险是被立即报告和纠正的。
·  Be fully conversant with all departmental Fire, Emergency and Bomb procedures
·  熟悉各个部门的消防、紧急和炸弹处理程序。
·  Ensure that all emergency procedures are rehearsed, implemented and enforced to provide for the security and safety of guests and Ambassadors
·  为了客人们和大使们的安全和消防安全,必须确保所有的紧急程序都被预演、落实和实施。
·  Ensure the safety of the persons and the property of all within the premises by fairly applying Hotel Regulations by strict adherence to existing laws, statutes etc.
·  在公平的酒店规则和严格遵守的法律法规下,确保在酒店内所有人的人生和财产安全。
·  Ensure all Ambassador within the department work in a manner which is safe and unlikely to give risk of harm or injury to selves or others
·  确保所有大使都在部门内以安全的方式操作,避免不安全的或者不适合的冒险的行为造成自己或者其他工作人员的损伤或不便。


According to hotel policy