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Room Attendant 客房服务员

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Hotels - Restaurants

Job description

Job Description

·  According to the standards set by the guest rooms, corridors, cabinets, linen room and cabinets for cleaning and maintenance
·  根据制定的标准对客房、走廊、橱柜、布草房和橱柜进行清洁和维护.
·  Replenishes guest supplies
·  补充客用品
·  Ensures guest services specified by superiors and guests requests are promptly and courteously met.
·  确保迅速而礼貌地完成主管和客人所作的要求。
·  Reports damage or malfunction in hotel rooms to superior
·  向主管汇报客房的损坏和故障情况。
·  Maintains equipment in proper state of cleanliness and repair
·  保持设备处于良好的清洁和维护状况。
·  Maintains a section room report.
·  做好部门记录。
·  Maintains a daily room checklist
·  做好每日的客房检查单的记录。
·  Meets with superior and takes on daily assigned tasks.
·  配合主管并负责完成每日分配下来的工作。
·  Reports and submits lost and found articles to superior immediately.
·  如拾到遗失物品应立即报告并上交主管。
·  Report guest complaints to superior immediately
·  如有投诉应立即上报主管。
·  Reports unusual behaviour/activities on floors to supervisor.
·  将楼层上的反常行为或活动上报主管。
·  Records room status in allocated section accurately.
·  正确地上报所负责区域的房态。
·  Complies with hotel’s health, safety and hygiene policy
·  按照酒店的健康、安全、和卫生制度执行。
·  Adheres to personal grooming and hygiene standards.
·  正确地上报所负责区域的房态。
·  Attends meetings and training sessions as required.
·  按要求参加会议和培训会议。
·  Creates and maintains floral arrangements
·  更新和保持花草的布置。
·  Carry out valet services when required including delivery of linen or processing laundry orders.
·  当需要传送布草或处理洗衣单时须执行传递服务。

Work Experience

·  Effective communication skills in Chinese.
·  有效的中文沟通能力。
·  Strong guest interaction and interpersonal skill.
·  优秀的对客服务和沟通技巧。
·  Experience in the Floor Attendant position of Housekeeping for over half years will be preferred.
·  具有在客房部最少超过半年的楼层服务员职位工作。


According to hotel policy