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Job description

Job Description

1. To oversee the general operation of the Housekeeping Department under the direction of the Housekeeper. To assist in every way possible to ensure that the policy standards set forth by the hotel are monitored.

2. To assist and effectively manage the Housekeeping Department and assist in relaying new policies to employees.

3. To maintain a strong line of communication between this office and the Executive Housekeeper.

4. To inform the Executive Housekeeper of any and all problem areas that may occur down the chain of authority.

5. To assist the Executive Housekeeper in planning and coordinating all department objectives. To assist in passing information to the various personnel within the department involved. To insure that the internal operations of the department is in accordance with the Executive Housekeeper and higher management objectives.

6. To operate as a team for the general good of the guest and the hotel is a fundamental organizational effort of this position. To brief new employees on the hotel policies, etc.

7. To schedule the employees according to the arrivals and departure so as to ensure that housekeeping services are adequately provided.

8. To assist the Executive Housekeeper on inventories, receiving of imported orders from purchasing.

9. To hold regular meeting with room and public area attendant. To revise cleaning schedules every 6 months for employees

10. To relief the Housekeeper or Supervisors during their Annual leave or absence.

11. To control and see to it that the equipment is in good order, chemical and guest amenities are issued accordingly to each section.

12. To maintain and upgrade the hotel interior and external landscape.

13. To train staff on the required standards of Housekeeping.

14. To perform the duties and responsibilities of the Housekeeper during her absence.

15. Perform other duties as assigned from time to time by Management.

Work Experience

Education: Hotel management diploma or equivalent. e.

Experience :

Minimum 2 years housekeeping experience in a supervisory capacity, 2 years line level experience in all aspects of the Housekeeping department in 5 star Hotel