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TFS Analyst - G. China

  • Internship

Job description

Role Summary

The Talent Fulfillment Practitioner fills roles assigned to their Resource Pool identifying and proposing the right people from the resource pool or from other sources when necessary. They seek to understand the career development goals and preferences of their people when matching them to roles, while also monitoring availability and productivity. They fill most roles with a minimum of guidance finding innovative solutions to challenging staffing situations.

They support the Resource Pool Supply/Demand Practitioner in proactively balancing supply with and demand. Similarly, they collaborates with the Client Supply/Demand Practitioner to help client teams fill their open requests.

Talent Fulfillment Practitioners may also design, build and communicate HR programs, processes, practices, roles and technology requirements that improve the scheduling and/or resource pool supply/demand management processes, to deliver on our HR strategy.

Key Responsibility

This role exists across multiple career levels. You should use the key responsibilities for this role in conjunction with scope, complexity, risk factors and skill requirements for your career level to determine your objectives and manage your careers. Depending on the role/organization the incumbent belongs to some or all of the following key responsibilities will apply.

• Responsible for filling roles assigned to their resource pools and for getting their people staffed

• Make scheduling decisions considering and balancing our scheduling principles and always reflecting our Core Values

• Represent and/or support individual people in the scheduling process by understanding their needs, preferences, skills, etc. and matching them to roles accordingly

• Work with career counselors on coaching employees on scheduling assignments

• For roles assigned to their resource pools, start with the resources in own resource pool and when necessary considers all sourcing channels in filling roles (e.g. other resource pools, contractors, new joiners, etc.) (Note: Recruiting responsible for hiring new resources).

• Drive and/or participate in decision-making for staffing decision that needs escalation

• Proactively communicate availability of people/skills and push to schedule available resource

• Ensure accurate scheduling data in scheduling systems

• Support Client Supply/Demand Specialist in defining, identifying and evaluating candidates for open resource requests; and filling resource requirements. May work directly with client team executives when that is more effective

• Manages roll of dates/confirm extension in current roles, and manage individual chargeability of people in their resource pool

• Manage and track people productivity metrics such as chargeability, bench, average time to fill demands for their respective resource pool

• Meet challenging/key timelines

• Reduce dependency on supervisor's inputs

• In addition – Talent Fulfilment Practitioners aligned to the CoE will work to define standard processes, best practices, tools, training, and technology requirements to better enable the activities outlined above.

Ideal candidate profile

Qualifications :


Human Resources


Talent Supply Demand

Skill Name

Proficiency Level

Senior Speicalist- Specialist

Senior Analyst & Below

Professional Skills

Click here to view Accenture Core Skills & Proficiency levels for HR

Functional Skills

Click here to view the functional skills dictionary

Workforce Scheduling

P3 - Advanced

P2 - Proficient

Supply Demand Management

P1 - Novice

P0 - Trained

Resource Capability Forecasting and Planning

P1 - Novice

P0 - Trained

Stakeholder Management

P2 - Proficient

P1 - Novice

If you are aligned to CoE

HR Strategy Development

P1 - Novice

P0 - Trained

HR Benchmarking

P2 - Proficient

P0 - Trained

If you are aligned to Service Delivery

Service Delivery

P3 - Advanced

P2 - Proficient